OORIE MS927A Black Smartphone, Available at cheapest price in India – Oorie Smartphone India



OORIE MS927A Black

Buy OORIE MS927A Black Smartphone online at lowest price anywhere in India. Get features and reviews. Fast delivery, EMI option, Cash on delivery & Money Back Guarantee.

Key Features:

  • SLIM and Light Weight
  • Dual Camera 5 MP Rear Camera with Flash, AF 2 MP Front Camera
  • Dual Sim (3G,GSM)
  • Android 4.4.2 Kitkat 3G/2G
  • 3G , WI-FI , GPS
  • 1650mAh Battery Battery
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase

Source: Oorie Smartphone India

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Check out the all new hot iPhone cases from Selena Gomez

Check out the all new iPhone cases made of transparent hard plastic and which will protects your iPhone from daily impacts.

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iPhone 6 release date, price, specs, new features: When is iPhone 6 coming out?

The iPhone 6 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2014, and with Apple’s iPhone 5s now nine months old, iPhone 6 rumours are coming in fast. We’ve collected all of those rumours into one place, so you’ll know everything there is to know about the iPhone 6 until Apple actually announces the device in the coming months. We’ve investigated the possible iPhone 6 release date, iPhone 6 price rumours, spec rumours and new iPhone 6 features. We’ve also got some iPhone 6 pictures to show you. Read: iPad 6 release date, price, specs, new features.

This is the place where we present to you some of the more (and less) plausible iPhone 6 release date and new feature rumours from around the web. Continue reading to find out more about the iPhone 6 release date and its new features.

We’ve been covering iPhone launches and release dates since way back in 2007, which has stood us in good stead for what to expect from Apple with regards to its new smartphones. The most obvious thing that jumps out to us is that Apple hasn’t launched a new iPhone outside of the five months between June and October – with a particular foundness for September. We’re at the beginning of that five month window, so expect iPhone 6 talk to heat up from now (as if it’s not hot enough already!)

While the history books suggest that there will be an new iPhone 6 release date around September/October 2014, rumours did suggest that Apple would launch the next generation iPhone at its WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) keynote on 2 June. Apple instead used the event to unveil iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite, so no new iPhone just yet, folks.

The Mirror is today reporting that the iPhone 6 will launch on September 19 in 32G and 34GB, citing a report. And the website MacRumors has slated a release for the third Friday of the ninth month which is in line with previous launches.

Another rumour, this one from unidentified supply-chain sources who spoke with Taiwanese media, is that the iPhone 6 will now launch in August, according to Reuters. That’s a month earlier than we expected and a little unusual. The reports also suggest that a larger model with a 5.5- or 5.6in screen will then arrive in September, but again, the idea that Apple will launch two iPhones so close together seems unlikely.

A recent iPhone 6 release date rumour to arrive, and one that we think is probably true, is that Apple employees have been told that they are not able to take some specific dates in September as holiday. That’s usually a sign that something big is coming on those days, so we’re fully expecting it’ll be the iPhone 6.

In fact, German carrier Deutsche Telekom has been telling Apple blog Apfelpage.de that the iPhone 6 will be released on 19 September, after being unveiled by Apple on 9 September, which seems like a safe guess to us.

Source: PC Advisor

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iPhone 6, AMOLED tablets cited in 2014 display forecast

The iPhone 5s: the 4-inch 1,136×640 display on the 5S could be expanded to a 4.7-inch 1,600×900 display, according to a DisplaySearch forecast.

DisplaySearch has released a forecast covering new display tech in 2014, which includes speculation about screens that may arrive on the iPhone 6, iWatch, large iPad, and Android tablets.

The researcher sees at least two iPhone 6 possibilities as upgrades from the iPhone 5S’ 4-inch 1,136×640-pixel resolution (see chart below).

At the high end would be a 5.5-inch 1,920×1,080 display based on LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon) LCD — the same technology used in the 5S.

If accurate, that means Apple would get closer to the resolution on the Samsung Galaxy S4 — which is a 5-inch, 1,920×1,080 display. That’s where any similarities would end, though. The S4 uses Samsung’s radically different Super AMOLED tech.

And speaking of AMOLED, that could land on Apple’s rumored iWatch, according to DisplaySearch. The flexible AMOLED display would be a first for Apple.

AMOLED could also begin to appear increasingly on tablet displays, where it’s been conspicuously absent.

Specifically, DisplaySearch sees a possible 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch AMOLED displays (the latter has been rumored to appear on a Google Nexus series tablet).

DisplaySearch also reiterated that a future “new iPad” would use a 12.9-inch 2,732×2,048 display — that would basically be the same pixel density as the iPad Air.

Of course, at this point in time the above are merely projections. “Not all of the panels listed here will go into mass production, as panel maker strategies can change,” wrote David Hsieh, in his blog posted on Monday.

This follows earlier projections posted back in October by DisplaySearch.

DisplaySearch’s guesswork on which displays will land on new iPhones. Apple ould stick with LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon) for the iPhone but move to AMOLED for the iWatch. Note that the 5S has a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, aka, PPI.

Other projections include some of the first AMOLED tablet displays and a 12.9-inch display on a ‘new iPad.’

Source: News Cnet

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Analyst predicts two iPhone releases per year after meeting with Apple’s CEO, CFO

In a Wednesday note to investors, Morgan Stanley Apple watcher Katy Huberty called the iPhone line divergence “a thoughtful approach” following conversations with Cook and Apple’s Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer. Huberty believes Apple is now primed for “multiple refreshes per year” of the popular device, akin to the twin launches of iPad 3 and iPad 4 in 2012.

As the iPhone and iPad demand increasingly larger portions of Apple’s resources and attention, the company’s product cycle strategy does appear to be shifting. Apple’s traditionally iPod-focused September event, for instance, now revolves around the iPhone, while the music players have not received any notable updates in 2013.

Huberty also sees services growing into a more prominent profit driver for Cupertino. She cites the potential advantages of integrating Apple’s nearly 600 million “high-end” customer accounts, most linked to credit cards, with new hardware like the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to create “new services revenue streams.”

The majority of Apple’s existing service offerings are available for free or for relatively low cost. iTunes Match, for example, which stores a user’s entire music collection in Apple’s datacenters and allows for downloading and streaming that music to any of the user’s devices, costs just $25 per year.

Many believe that Apple is in the early stages of a strategy that would use Touch ID alongside iOS 7’s Bluetooth-based iBeacons functionality to create a new mobile payment system. Such a system, if implemented, could be a significant revenue source for Apple thanks to the size of the iOS device installed base alone.

Source: Apple Insider

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ECG Check iPhone App Could Save Your Life

While many iPhone apps are just for fun or wasting time, there is one that is actually saving lives.

The ECG Check app analyzes a patient’s heart rhythms and sends the information to his or her cardiologist.

The ECG Check app was created by Cardiac Designs in Park City, Utah.

“[Apps] engage the patient more closely with their own health care,” Murray Aitken, of the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, told Bloomberg News. “When we talk to physicians that’s the No. 1 benefit of apps. Ultimately it’s about improving outcomes.”

“Apps can be health care in your hand,” added Aitken. “We’re not there yet but we expect we will be in five years.”

So far, health care apps are not taking off with the public as hoped.

The IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics researched over 40,000 health apps in the Apple iTunes store for an Oct. 30 report.

According to Time magazine:

Only 16,275 health apps are directly related to patient health and treatment, meaning that they provide some type of advice and treatment guidance. The rest are spewing forth data that neither doctors nor consumers can use to improve their well being. And there is no effective way for users to evaluate the apps or rate them on how well they deliver on their promise of weight loss or ability to improve stress and mental health.

IMS reports that only about 5 percent of health care apps make up 15 percent of all health care-related tech downloads and 50 percent of the health care apps get less than 500 downloads by users.

More discouraging news is that more than 90 percent of apps got a score of 40 or less for functionality.

Many doctors are reluctant to recommend apps because they are not up on the latest technology and are not convinced that they work.

One of the more successful apps is Fooducate, which tells users via the food product’s bar code whether their food rates an A through D based on factors such as nutrients and ingredients.

Fooducate, which is free, was chosen by Apple as the best new health app in 2011 and was awarded first place in a 2012 healthy app contest by the Surgeon General.

Via: US Procycling News

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New and notable apps for November 4, 2013

It’s always busy in the App Store with a never-ending flood of new apps landing on iOS and OS X. Take a few minutes and check out our list of stand-out titles from the past few weeks! If that’s not enough, you can also follow our ongoing coverage of new apps as they are released.

New iOS Apps

  • LoryStripes [iPhone; Category: Photography & Video; $1.99] Enhance any photo from portraits to landscapes by adding beautifully crafted ribbons and lines, called “Stripes”. Simply choose an image from your Camera Roll, select a Stripe, adjust it, and weave it throughout the different elements in your photo.
  • Combat Monsters [iOS Universal; Category: Games; Free] Deploy, destroy, dethrone – introducing Combat Monsters, our biggest game ever!
  • Oil Rush: 3D Naval Strategy [iOS Universal; Category: Games; $4.99] Oil Rush is a 3D naval strategy game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world; nuclear war has melted the ice caps, changing the face of the planet forever.
  • ABC Actions [iOS Universal; Category: Education; $2.99] We challenged ourselves to use our award-winning ABC Series to teach children about verbs and action words through sight, sound & touch.
  • Mystery Math Museum [iPad; Category: Education; $2.99] Use your math skills to rescue the dragonflies in Mystery Math Museum for ages 6-12 and up.
  • Anomaly 2 [iOS Universal; Category: Games; $4.99] Lead the Yukon convoy across a post-apocalyptic wasteland to fight for mankind’s survival against the alien machines in an epic single player campaign.
  • ProCam 2 [iPhone; Category: Photography & Video; $0.99] ProCam has been redesigned from the ground up to perfectly compliment iOS 7 with a focus on function over form while still introducing a beautifully streamlined interface.
  • Thor: The Dark World – The Official Game [iOS Universal; Category: Games; Free] Become Thor, the mighty God of Thunder, in this official action-adventure game.
  • Axes & Allies [iOS Universal; Category: Games; Free] Axes & Allies is a line-drawing RPG with simple yet intuitive controls that puts you in command of your own band of Orcs, each with their own unique powers and abilities, to lead the fight against the army of the undead to save their Warchief.
  • Mileage Log+ [iPhone; Category: Business; $9.99] Mileage Log+ is an essential app for anyone who needs to track mileage for tax deduction or reimbursement.
  • Naught 2 [iOS Universal; Category: Games; $1.99] Naught 2 is an adventure and platform game that challenges your skills giving you full control of Naught and his environment.
  • Movie Player 2 – Plays any Video [iOS Universal; Category: Entertainment; $1.99] With Movie Player 2 you can now watch all your favorite films on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Jam Synth [iOS Universal; Category: Music; $0.99] Jam Synth is a fully featured monophonic guitar synthesizer for iOS.
  • Dragon Slayers [iOS Universal; Category: Games; $3.99] Dragonslayer is an intense, breathtaking action-RPG adventure. Be transported to a land of magic, mystery, and of course, danger.

New OS X Apps

  • Intensify [OS X; Category: Photography & Video; $29.99] Powered by unique in-house technologies, Intensify™ reveals the level of details never seen before in digital photography.
  • Unibox [OS X; Category: Productivity; $9.99] Unibox is a people centric email client that organizes your messages by person.
  • Duplicate Detector [OS X; Category: Utilities; Free] Duplicate Detector scans your disk drive – or the folders you choose – and allows you to delete duplicate files, freeing up valuable disk space.
  • Flamingo [OS X; Category: Social Networking; $9.99] Flamingo is a beautiful, native instant messaging client for OS X that supports Hangouts/Gtalk, Facebook, and XMPP.
  • DxO Perspective [OS X; Category: Photography & Video; oFree] With DxO Perspective, you can correct any perspective issues in your images in just a few clicks.
  • Slow Fast Slow [iPhone; Category: Photography & Video; $1.99] Slow Fast Slow is a simple iPhone app that allows you to shoot short video clips at a high frame rate, and then manipulate their speed using an intuitive and fun interface.

Via: Tuaw

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