iPhone 6 release date, price, specs, new features: When is iPhone 6 coming out?

The iPhone 6 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2014, and with Apple’s iPhone 5s now nine months old, iPhone 6 rumours are coming in fast. We’ve collected all of those rumours into one place, so you’ll know everything there is to know about the iPhone 6 until Apple actually announces the device in the coming months. We’ve investigated the possible iPhone 6 release date, iPhone 6 price rumours, spec rumours and new iPhone 6 features. We’ve also got some iPhone 6 pictures to show you. Read: iPad 6 release date, price, specs, new features.

This is the place where we present to you some of the more (and less) plausible iPhone 6 release date and new feature rumours from around the web. Continue reading to find out more about the iPhone 6 release date and its new features.

We’ve been covering iPhone launches and release dates since way back in 2007, which has stood us in good stead for what to expect from Apple with regards to its new smartphones. The most obvious thing that jumps out to us is that Apple hasn’t launched a new iPhone outside of the five months between June and October – with a particular foundness for September. We’re at the beginning of that five month window, so expect iPhone 6 talk to heat up from now (as if it’s not hot enough already!)

While the history books suggest that there will be an new iPhone 6 release date around September/October 2014, rumours did suggest that Apple would launch the next generation iPhone at its WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) keynote on 2 June. Apple instead used the event to unveil iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite, so no new iPhone just yet, folks.

The Mirror is today reporting that the iPhone 6 will launch on September 19 in 32G and 34GB, citing a report. And the website MacRumors has slated a release for the third Friday of the ninth month which is in line with previous launches.

Another rumour, this one from unidentified supply-chain sources who spoke with Taiwanese media, is that the iPhone 6 will now launch in August, according to Reuters. That’s a month earlier than we expected and a little unusual. The reports also suggest that a larger model with a 5.5- or 5.6in screen will then arrive in September, but again, the idea that Apple will launch two iPhones so close together seems unlikely.

A recent iPhone 6 release date rumour to arrive, and one that we think is probably true, is that Apple employees have been told that they are not able to take some specific dates in September as holiday. That’s usually a sign that something big is coming on those days, so we’re fully expecting it’ll be the iPhone 6.

In fact, German carrier Deutsche Telekom has been telling Apple blog Apfelpage.de that the iPhone 6 will be released on 19 September, after being unveiled by Apple on 9 September, which seems like a safe guess to us.

Source: PC Advisor

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