Apple still testing iPhones as big as six inches, says report

Apple may unveil two iPhones at its event next week, but don’t expect anything radical at this point in time. Rumors suggests these phones will likely resemble the current iPhone 5 with some upgraded internal hardware. The radical jump may come next year with a phone with a larger form factor.

This prediction is based on a report from the Wall Street Journal that suggests the Cupertino company is testing handsets as large as 6-inches. People familiar with the matter told the WSJ that Apple is toying with idea of phones that range in size from 4.5 to as large as 6-inches. This reportedly is the first time Apple has been open to a larger phone and represents a major jump up from the current iPhone 5, which clocks in at a mere 4-inches.

Don’t get too excited for a phablet-sized iPhone just yet as companies regularly test a variety of hardware sizes and form factors before settling on one. Which size will get the big thumbs up from Apple? Your guess is as good as mine, any predictions?

Source Intomobile

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