Best iPhone Apps 2013: Free and paid apps for iPhone

The iPhone 5 is the latest extension of the Apple smartphone family, and comes with an ever -growing library of available apps. Each month T3’s specialist iPhone team storm the App Store in search of the very best iPhone apps available right now, so if you’re looking to furnish your phone with some top quality, free and paid for app delight, look no further.
Whether you scroll aimlessly through the App Store, or have just grabbed an Apple smartphone, here’s our monthly updated list of what the T3 app experts have uncovered.


Amend a PDF or add a Skitch stamp to give a report the seal of approval or disapproval. It’s more organisational fun from the folk behind Evernote.

Price: Free

Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes

The Dark Knight and DC pals’ brick bodies hit iOS, with real voiceovers for the first time. A happy Bane told T3, “Hwmffermmble mmmble fwwf!”

Price: £2.99

Yahoo! Weather

Get real-time forecasts, temperatures and wind maps, plus user-submitted photos direct from Flickr. You’ll never be inappropriately attired again.

Price: Free


Snap self portraits from up to 3m away just by pointing your phone’s cam your way, then raising your hand. Hey presto: you look like a happy Nazi!

Price: Free

Traktor DJ for iPhone

With a three-band EQ, filters and a direct link to your iTunes library, this waveform-based mixer has all you need to DJ on the back of the bus.

Price: Free

impossible Road

Guide a ball down a rollercoaster track with no sides. You’re rewarded for breaking the rules and achieving the impossible – just don’t fall off.

Price: £1.4

Source T3

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