iPhone 5 to iPhone: An Apple history in review

On January 9th 2007, Steve Jobs introduced to the world the Apple iPhone. Five years on and the iPhone remains a dominant smartphone force. From the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, to a possible iPhone 5 release date in the coming months, it has not always been plain sailing for the Cupertino company.

As Apple celebrates the fifth birthday of the first iPhone, we take a look back at the Apple smartphone in all its incarnations, telling you what we made of each one. Was it love at first sight? See below for our history in review of the Apple iPhone.

Apple iPhone review

We loved: Design. Touchscreen. Interface. Full Web pages. Wow factor.

We hated: Slow network. Poor camera. Limited Bluetooth. No instant messaging. Non-removable battery.

We said: The iPhone is far from perfect, but it offers tantalising glimpses of a truly blockbusting mobile device. Hopefully it will have reached its full potential by the time of its UK release.

T3 on the iPhone: “The iPhone is elegant and exciting and the first device in a long time that we’ve had a hard time putting down. However, with Flash and network issues, the non-replaceable battery and the lack of 3G, it’s not the all-conquering.”

T3 Star rating: 3/5

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Apple iPhone 3G review

We loved: GPS. 3G speeds, limite-edition white model. App Store.

We hated: Still no MMS. Still a paltry two-megapixel camera.

We said: Essentially the same old iPhone but with 3Gspeeds and a plastic back. Tha App Store works a treat.

T3 on the iPhone 3G: “The battery struggles to survive much more than a day at a time, but then that’s testament to how remarkably hard it is to put down.”

T3 Star rating: 5/5

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Apple iPhone 3GS review

We loved: The faster processor speeds and the upgraded camera, as well as all the extra goodies Apple has given us with the iPhone 3.0 firmware

We hated: It’s a little expensive, there’s still no flash compatibility on the internet browser and we’d also love a flash to take some better night photos

We said: A brilliant piece of kit that might not be light years ahead in terms of an upgrade, but still worth choosing over the older model

T3 on the iPhone 3GS: “The iPhone 3G S as a standalone phone is a great piece of kit. The improved processor can definitely be felt when using the internet and opening new applications, as well as helping speed things up on photography.”

T3 Star rating: 5/5

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Apple iPhone 4 review

We loved: Sleek Apple design, all-round improved functionality and HD video

We hated: Stunningly poor oversight by Apple on the potentially catastrophic signal loss issues

We said: Despite the problems, the iPhone 4 is a new benchmark in the mobile market and one the will undoubtedly prove popular with consumers

T3 on the iPhone 4: “There is no denying that the iPhone 4 is a stunning piece of tech. It’s 24 per cent slimmer than the 3GS at just 9.3mm thick, beautifully compact and elegantly designed with a stainless steel band separating the handset’s scratch-resistant glass covered front and back.”

T3 Star rating: 5/5

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Apple iPhone 4S review

We loved: Faster processor, Siri and 64GB of storage

We hated: Still very expensive, no iTunes in the cloud as of yet

We said: Not the same level of innovation as some expected, but made some important improvements on the failings of the iPhone 4. Still a fantastic device.

T3 on the iPhone 4S: “It may not be what people were hoping for – whatever that looked like – but the iPhone 4S is now the best phone from the Apple stable. A powerful mobile device with a great OS and some cutting-edge tech to boot.”

T3 Star rating: 5/5

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Apple iPhone 5: What’s next?

So when will we see the new iPhone? Numerous iPhone 5 release dates have been rumoured so far but there’s no sign of it just yet. Click the link below to see what we think know about the iPhone 5 so far.

Source: http://www.t3.com/features/iphone-5-to-iphone-an-apple-history-in-review

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