Apple plotting iPhone sales overhaul, report says

Apple is said to be plotting new incentives and schemes to persuade shoppers to buy the iPhone in-store.

New customers check out the options at Apple’s store

Head honcho Tim Cook imparted some of the new measures — which could include more price-matching and trade-in options — at a chinwag with Apple’s retail chiefs, 9to5Mac reports, citing “multiple people familiar with the internal event”.

The move apparently comes in a bid to fight competition from Android smart phones. While Cook is supposedly happy with sales figures for Mac and iPad devices, he wants more customers to buy iPhones from inside Apple shops, so that they get a gander at the other glossy gadgets Apple offers.

The move could have some positive consequences for shoppers. The possibility of a previously rumoured trade-in scheme is mentioned once more, for example. This retail ploy would likely see you getting a discount on your next iPhone when you trade in an older model.

The program could also let you upgrade a damaged, older iPhone to a refurbished iPhone 5, the report says, with price-matching programs for international stores also tipped.


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