Hilarious mockups of Apple’s new Mac Pro

Apple’s new Mac Pro features a striking and quite innovative design — instead of multiple heat sinks, there’s a shared thermal core in the center that helps cool the CPU and twin GPUs at the same time.

As the fan is located right at the top of the thermal core, the Mac Pro features a large hole in its circular frame that’s quite unheard of, especially when compared with your normal PC cases.

The unique design has prompted amusing comparisons to trash cans and Darth Vader, and spurred the creative Photoshopping crowd from around the world to innovate further on Apple’s new machine. Click on our gallery for some of the funniest mockups we’ve seen.

source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57588959-37/hilarious-mockups-of-apples-new-mac-pro/

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